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For years people  have been asking me to share my secrets for making food beautiful. The media and public alike have been fascinated with the profession of food styling and wonder out loud, “How do you get the food to look so good?” They all ask about my “tricks”.  There are many tips and techniques that aren’t all that tricky. Food presentation and preparation is about attitude and intention. It is a problem solving process that anyone can engage in. A tuna sandwich can become a work of art.

I will share my experience of making food beautiful for both professional and home use.

You may need to be patient with me. I work constantly in the business and have little time to blog. I will share as often as I have time for. There will  be times when a week will go by that I am out of touch with the blog, then I might have time every day for a few days in a row. This is the nature of the schedule of a freelancer in the TV industry. I sometimes work 6 days in a row, 15 hours a day, with little sleep. This could go on for weeks, then I might have a week of no work. I get to catch up on my sleep and my life out side of work. Any way, you get the picture.

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